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Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly digital. Swiss Post is adapting to these changing circumstances and has redesigned

The Swiss Post portal will have a new look from the beginning of July and is easier than ever to navigate − you can find the information you need quickly and easily. Get an overview of all the changes and discover where you can now find our tried-and-tested services.

Heading into the future with The Swiss Post portal continues to evolve. For everyone.

An attractive design and content that can be accessed more quickly and easily: here’s how will look from the start of July..

Swiss Post is right here. For everyone. To make everyday life for our customers easier in the digital sphere, the Swiss Post website has been redesigned in cooperation with private and business customers to improve its user-friendliness. The aim is to improve fast and easy access to essential Swiss Post information and services. The result is a new, needs-based structure on the website in Swiss Post’s latest corporate design.

The most important changes explained:

Optimized search

With the newly placed search field, users can now find the information they need much faster. The search is now also multifunctional. This means, for example, that it can automatically recognize a consignment number as such and take the user to consignment tracking.

Needs-based structure

The clear and user-friendly structure helps users find their way around more quickly and easily. The navigation bar, which is now located at the top, can be used to access information with little effort. The topics are structured according to the most important needs.

In a break from the past, users of the Swiss Post portal no longer have to choose whether they are private or business customers and can now compare all products and services.

Clear presentation of prices

Thanks to the transparent pricing structure, postage types and prices are visible at a glance. Business customers can now find their prices under “Special conditions”.

Your Customer Center

Nothing changes in your personal area: you will find all the information you have stored in your Customer Center in the usual place.

“Retain mail” – what do I need to do?

Preparations for the holiday season are in full swing. The following three options are available for you to retain your mail: search the search field for “Holidays” or “Retain mail”. You will see an overview of matching services, with fast access to the online service you require.

  1. In the navigation bar, click “Receiving mail” / “Holidays & absences” to find out everything you need to know about our services for worry-free preparation for your holiday.
  2. Click “All online services” below the search field to find the service you require in the overview under “Retain mail”.

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